About Blue Dog Management

At a time of increasing complexity and diminishing resources - fast, efficient, responsive support can be hard to find.

We have over 25-years’ experience of understanding and mitigating crisis and security risk; selecting, training and preparing leaders and their teams for success in the contemporary world; and of helping diverse, complex organisations increase their resilience.

From global multi-nationals and INGOs to the young people who will lead us into the future - Blue Dog Management helps develop agile, bespoke solutions to challenges before they impact, and delivers these solutions effectively and efficiently in partnerships based on deep understanding and mutual respect.

About the founder

Chris Darby MA QCVS
Founder and CEO

Chris Darby is a retired British Army Lieutenant Colonel and an Alma Mata of the King’s College London Masters’ programme.  In the military he successful selected, trained and led teams in peace and on operations across the globe at the small-team, operational and strategic level.  Since leaving the Army he has supported, mentored and coached leaders, managers and operators in a variety of environments from site to C-SUITE level and has used his deep understanding, broad international exposure and impressive multi-national experience to help teams and individuals understand evolving global dynamics, develop the tools necessary to operate successfully as leaders in the challenging contemporary world and to have the confidence to use these tools to help cope with the pressures and demands placed on them as they manage and as they lead.  As a consultant he has a proven record of successfully helping ultra-high net worth individuals, the boards of blue-chip multi-nationals, global INGOs and international market leaders understand their exposure in existing and developing markets; of developing policies, plans and procedures to help reduce, mitigate and/or transfer risk; of working with owners and executives to develop solutions from existing management structures that are commercially robust, operationally sound and presentationally strong; and of helping complex, diverse organisations keep their people safe and secure in hostile, dynamic environments.

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