Blue Dog Training

Blue Dog Management provides focussed, innovative, relevant safety and security training for individuals, groups and teams about to travel to or work in challenging environments.

We prefer to work with clients to design and deliver bespoke training packages which meet their exact requirement but understand there is a need for more general overviews from time to time and so, as a baseline offer:

  • HEAT packages for individuals and teams from the corporate and INGO community, for school leavers and for anyone wanting to develop a deeper understanding of where they are going and how to stay safe when they arrive
  • Operational analysis and planning packages to help leaders understand, plan for, communicate and deliver plans
  • Logistic and communication system planning and delivery packages
  • Safety, Security and Crisis Risk Management Training, Testing and Auditing
“Blue Dog Management has over 25 years experience in the selection, training and mentoring of high performance teams and gifted individuals and of working with these groups to help them deliver their very best.”

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